SMS is an excellent timesaver since text messages can be scheduled and you can send one message to a large group of people at once without writing each message individually.

SMS can be easily tracked using the delivery reports.

These reports enable you to see how efficient and successful your SMS campaign is.

This will help you understand what works best for you, empowering you to get the most out of your future marketing campaigns.

By counting on our reliability, you may improve your business.

Set up a campaign

  1. Choose your target

    Basing on age, gender and location, contact only users you are interested in.

  2. Import Contacts

    Upload a numbers’ database, and keep it updated.

  3. Create the content

    Type a clear, precise and personalized SMS.

  1. Schedule it

    Select the time for your campaign: it may be immediate or in a chosen slot.

  2. Monitor the reports

    Check the data results of your campaign: statistics, reports, delivery.

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