1. VoIP services

  • CLI Termination Service

We want to satisfy quality needs of our customers by focusing on CLI Termination. The main goal is to offer to our business partners, reliability and transparency.

  • Premium Termination Service

We offer a range of premium quality CLI VoIP services, specific and adequately developed for its partners.

  • Wholesale Termination Service

We satisfy our Customer needs by offering NCLI destinations based on an excellent price/ quality ratio.

  • Direct Termination Service

Thanks to our Tier-1 and local interconnections, we offer direct high quality destinations.

2. Carrier SMS services

  • Bulk SMS services

We deliver first-class SMS termination and Bulk SMS services, cooperating with major SMS carriers all over the world. We guarantee high capacity, instant delivery and reasonable prices.

We offer SMS routes that meet the needs of any sized SMS service carrier. Our direct connections to operators worldwide guarantee a high-quality delivery.

  • Mobile Marketing SMS termination
  • We also provide termination of mobile marketing messages. If you have high volumes of bulk SMS marketing, informational or any other type of traffic, we will deliver them instantly at the best possible market rates.

3. Outsourcing services

We also offer outsourcing services in the following sectors:


  • New interconnection Management
  • Business Presentation to the Potential Partner
  • Agreements Data Compilation
  • Partner’s file creation and updating
  • Partnership (Customer/Provider) Management
  • Rates / Tariffs insertion
  • Traffic Monitoring


  • Billing
  • Payments Monitoring and Solicit
  • Customer and Provider’s SOA Creation and Updating
  • Customer and Provider’s Credit Limit Monitoring
  • Agreement’s Checking and Approval

Network Operations Center

  • Analyses traffic flow and CDRs
  • Manage Trouble Tickets
  • Resolve disputes
  • Invoices verification
  • Make interconnections between Partners